About US


To cater the need of IT Industry of seeking  intellectually capable persons with creative minds equipped and adapted for a diverse and dynamic IT World


City Job Corner's vision is to be the best Talent and Job Search site in the region. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, technical expertise  and value so that we make every customer satisfied.


Welcome to the City Job Corner Sdn Bhd. City Job Corner provides an incomparable talent searching  environment where jobseekers not only search jobs but also learn latest technology in parity to the industrial need in the market and become the most competent and job ready candidates. Bright, articulate jobseekers seek City Job Corner - and when they graduate, they're ready to make a difference in the world.

Inclusive and innovative, with a focus on each customer, City Job Corner is known for its supportive community environment and emphasis on global perspectives. A City Job Corner online education provides the intellectual tools and industry awareness to become a successful professional and a knowledge worker of the world.

We are dedicated to provide our best to facilitate Malaysia as a hub of Knowledge Workers to cater growing global demand for capable ICT professionals.